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DuggMedia is the best platform for media sharing. Specially designed for quick and effortless distribution of batched media both physically and digitally.

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A complete solution

DuggMedia provides powerful and flexible tools for media collection sharing. Whether you provide tour activities for tourists, expositions or simply to share an experiece, DuggMedia designed all solutions to share media with ease, fast and without technical knowledge. Companies can now share media collections in seconds, generating a sustainable added value in sharing these experiences.

Global scale

DuggMedia delivers a ‘one-stop-solution’ (PhotoDugg and/or/in combination with DuggOnline) which only requires the insertion of a memory card of a camera, a few clicks and the system will do the rest. Which results in new workflow to generated more customer engagement and provides an up-sell opportunity. Furthermore, and for us the most important factors, two additional added values:

1. More time for your customers, instead of editing the media.
2. A way to tell your customers “leave your camera at home and truly enjoy the experience we provide”.

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