Blog | DuggOnline Updates and Changelog - 4th November 2019

DuggOnline Updates and Changelog - 4th November 2019

11 April 2019 in News Dashboard by Nick Elshof
DuggMedia - DuggOnline Updates and Changelog - 4th November 2019

Today we have released another version of our DuggOnline platform. Mainly UI (User Interface) changes, bug fixes and an update to our filter system.

  • UI Changes:
    • We have created a "Settings"-section in which all settings can be found from now one.
    • The "Collection Defaults" have been split up, to both "Download Settings" and "Collection Sections". 
    • We have given the "Search"-bar a more permanent place on the website, for quicker help when needed.
    • We have made preparations for our upcoming features.

    • Filter changes
      • We have trained our "Horizon leveler"-filter to provide a more accurate outcome.
      • We have enabled our "Sharpness tester"-filter for all our users (in stead of just our BETA testers). This filter will scan your uploaded media and provide feedback whenever the filter deems the image to be un sharp. You can set a threshold (we advise 90) for the filter.

      Hopefully this has provided you insight in the changes we have made to our DuggOnline platform. Until the next time!

      Have a dugging day!

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