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DuggOnline Version 3.0 - Get ready for video!

6 February 2020 in News Dashboard Settings by Nick Elshof
DuggMedia - DuggOnline Version 3.0 - Get ready for video!

Today we are proud to announce version 3.0 of our DuggOnline platform. Releasing a bunch of new major features and a ton of other improvements and bug fixes. Below we will cover the major features.    

We have reached another point on our roadmap, with new features.

DuggOnline now supports sharing of video files. Currently DuggOnline supports files up to 1GB of file size, which should allow for hours of video content. Once uploaded, a preview clip of 10 seconds will be generated, which will be served in your store to your customers pre sale. Once your customers have bought an entire collection, they are allowed to download the original video that you uploaded. If you want us to encode the full length of the video, please get in touch with our support.

Another feature that we are proud to announce is our store widget. In addition to your DuggOnline store, you are now able to generate a "Store Widget" which allows you to incorporate your DuggOnline store into your own website (without your customers ever need to leave your website). How? Just two lines of code need to be added to the source code of your own website. The lines necessary can be easily generated in your Dashboard. Curious? Have a look on our main website ( and look for the "Preview our demo store"-button.

Another feature is that you are able to change the visibility setting of your collections. You can set the visibility for a specific collection to be "private", meaning only visible to you and not shown in your stores. Or change a collection to be "searchable", meaning that the collection can only be found while using the right search parameters.

Finally, we are putting the final touches to different user roles. You are allowed to add more accounts to your "team" (e.g. company account). Each account can have different user roles, allowing them to create collections, upload media or even to receive payments. The latter is currently in BETA functionality. Providing a user (within your team) the PAYMENT_ROLE role allows the user to connect his/her own Stripe account if necessary.

Last but not least, we made multiple overhauls, improvements and bug fixes to our system. Hopefully all to your liking. We are happy to receive your feedback on our new version 3.0.

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