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Sharing batched media has never been easier. You only need to worry about shooting the media, we do the rest.

Import, lean back.

You shoot the media. Next, you import everything into DuggOnline.
We take care of the rest.

DuggOnline can convert RAW to JPEG, correct your horizon, filter unclear images and more. Furthermore, collection can be shared with ease.

How It Works?

When you incorporate DuggOnline into your daily workflow, media collection sharing could not be more simpler.

Shoot your media

Your trips are unique. And for your customers, the experience is unique. Your task? Be remarkable, and provide added value in an additional memory.

Import your media

It is your choice if you want to upload RAW or standarized JPEG. You can set up how DuggOnline need to handle them and what filters DuggOnline needs to preform on your media.

Share your media

Our job is to share your media with your help. Send out invites, share collection codes, all using DuggOnline. Sell your media collection worry free.

Sharing: code or invite?

While your media is importing to your newly created collection, you can easily share a unique collection code with your customers. This code is the gateway directly to your collection.

To make it even easier for your customers, send out invite e-mails. This provide direct access to your media collection.

DuggOnline is free to try

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Personalised store

Create your online store, without technical knowledge. Set your branding colors, images and choose your own URL. Completely personalised with just a few click.

Sell online

Sell your media collections with the use of DuggOnline. No need for additional contracts, settings up webshops or complicated API connections. Everything is ready to go with just a few clicks.

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Willem Wezenberg
Willem Wezenberg
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