Presenting your media collections with ease

Nothing sells better than showing what you have to offer. With DuggShow you are able to present your media collections straight from the PhotoDugg to your customers.

This is DuggShow

The PhotoDugg automatically and wirelessly connects with DuggShow. DuggShow is our media presentation tool which allows you to show your photos directly to your guests or customers. No wires and no computer knowledge, just an Apple TV.

Unique features

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DuggShow - QR-Code
QR-Code - Social Share

DuggShow supports QR-codes that instantly guide your customers to your online store. Using the QR-code you can provide a single media item for free, or redirect your customers to view or buy the entire collection. All generated automatically.

DuggShow - QR-Code
Automated slide show with zoom

Controlling the slide show can be done using the Apple TV remote, just like you are used too browsing through Netflix. In addition, zoom can be used to enhance details in your media. Presenting your media collections was never easier.

DuggShow - Presentation
Automated PhotoDugg discovery

Whenever you place an Apple TV with DuggShow installed in the same network as a PhotoDugg, both will connect seamlessly together. Whenever the PhotoDugg contains media collections, DuggShow will directly stream your media collections.

Available in tvOS App Store

DuggShow can be downloaded for free on your Apple TV

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