Meet our PhotoDugg

Within just a couple of minutes, the PhotoDugg will import, sort, adjust and copy all your photos instantly. Directly presentable through DuggShow, available for online sales through DuggOnline and instant copy to seven USB-drives that can be sold directly to your customers.

PhotoDugg Features

Boost customer engagement with the PhotoDugg. With the PhotoDugg, your customers receive their amazing moments on USB drives and can share their experiences using social media or download the photos after their visit. The PhotoDugg is a stand-alone, multi-purpose device focused on sharing experiences and supporting businesses that provide activities for customers.

Easy steps towards more customer engagement and easy media sharing.

1. Take pictures of stunning moments

Capture images of eagles flying from their nests, whales emerging from the deep blue and sharks biting the bait. You can also take pictures of your customers skydiving in the mountains, diving with turtles in the Caribbean or riding with huskies.

2. Insert the memory card of your camera

Insert any memory card into the side of the PhotoDugg, straight from your camera. The PhotoDugg immediately scans for new media.

3. Select and import your photos

The PhotoDugg will automatically converts RAW to JPEG, filters out unclear media, levels the horizon or, watermarks your photos and much more.

4. Present with DuggShow

The PhotoDugg will help you with this process. Depending of your preferences, the PhotoDugg will filter-out the unclear media, level your horizon, make dark pictures brighter and so on .

Our PhotoDugg in action at Sea Safari Andenes

5. DuggOnline, cloud platform and virtual marketplace

The PhotoDugg will automatically uploads your pictures to our cloud platform, DuggOnline. DuggOnline contains a marketplace where your photo collections can be sold and enables your customers to share their experiences on social media within seconds.

6. Insert your USB-drives

Sharing the adventure you provided enables your customers to relive their experience. We even provide custom USB drives designed for your business.

7. Copy the stunning moments

The PhotoDugg automatically delivers the experience within seconds through USB drives. The USB drives can be sold, traded or given away within seconds.

8. Happy guests / customers

Customers can take the media home to enjoy in their own comfort.

The PhotoDugg is fully customisable

The PhotoDugg is fully configurable to your needs without any technical knowledge necessary. DuggOnline offers cloud synchronisation, social media sharing and USB drive creation are all available, and you have the ability to turn these features on or off. Furthermore, whenever you would like custom USB drives or would like to see additional features implemented, you can get in touch with us for personal service. All features are fully customisable to your situation and wishes—even the appearance of the PhotoDugg.

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Your benefits

Together, we can change the way your customers look back on what you provide. Integrating the PhotoDugg, DuggOnline and DuggShow into your daily workflow will change the way you do business.

Up-sell your customers

Enhance customer engagement

Extend global exposure

Additional promotion channel

Save time

Create instant presentations

No technology requirements

Customer experience

Competitive advantage


Global platform

Share your adventures

Designed and produced in-house

All of our products are designed and produced in-house. Each line of code in our digital products and each wire in our physical products is created by our own employees.

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